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Beating the Winter Blues


 Winter is best known for the snowmen, hot cocoa, and the overcast days that make the other two possible and desirable. The common cloudy days can lead to some winter gloom, which takes the form of a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. This disorder takes place during extended periods of mute weather conditions, especially when it is cold and cloudy with rain or snow. During these climate conditions, most people will be confined to their houses and apartments, resigned to wait it out for better days.

Even though winter is unavoidable, it is possible to steer clear of the gloominess caused by the winter months. Small, easy changes to an every day routine or a person's surroundings can do wonders for one's mood. The following are some tips to help someone get out of those winter blues and into that wintry cheer deserving of the upbeat holiday carols that we all know and love.

A person's surroundings can be the most influential subconscious influence on one's moods. While it is cold and flurrying outside, it can look like a mess. This can cause some unnecessary stress, which is exacerbated by what's going on indoors. To counteract this effect, it is best to do some winter cleaning. Clutter can cause stress even to the messiest of people. The disorder in one's home can be exponentially worse the longer the amount of time shut in from the frost. Cleaning will also help occupy one's mind and provides a productive distraction.

Indoor Plants
After doing a little cleaning around the house, there is a way to make the place a lively home. The best way to do so is to buy plants and greenery. Not only will these add a colorful foreground to a gloomy background, plants also add a touch of life to the scene. These green companions also clean and oxygenate the air in a stuffy and closed up home. The containers the plants live in also give a some more decoration and color.

Phone a Friend
It is also important to remember that being shut in during the winter does not necessarily lead to being shut out. It is important to keep contact with friends and loved ones, even while it is hard to get out to see them. Just speaking to a familiar voice will do wonders for one's mood.

These small tips should help keep those spirits up the next time the winter comes around. Just cleaning up the house, adding some greenery, or having a friendly chat on the phone will work miracles in keeping a person happy and mentally healthy.


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