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Beating the Winter Blues


Even though winter is unavoidable, it is possible to steer clear of the gloominess caused by the winter months. Small, easy changes to an every day routine or a person's surroundings can do wonders for one's mood.

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The Best, Tough Plants for the Indoors


The lack of having a green thumb does not mean your living space must lack the beauty and health benefits (plants purify the indoor air) that an indoor garden can provide. There are several house plants that thrive under neglectful conditions and these are the best indoor plants anyone can grow.

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Why are your Indoor Plants Dying?


There are many benefits to having indoor plants – it improves air quality, adds to the aesthetic of a space and relieves stress, just to name a few. However, you are not going to enjoy those benefits if you keep killing them.

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Health Hacks for the Home and Office


In a world where we are often obsessed with the health of our bodies, we often look past the importance of a healthy home and workplace. Since we spend most of our time at both of these places, it makes sense that we should be health conscious of our environment. These health hacks are simple but efficient ways to clean up and cheer up the areas you spend your life in.

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