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Perth’s Live Indoor Plant Hire Specialists
Indoor Gardens operates on a sales and service basis. You will receive an initial invoice calculated from the date of installation. Thereafter, invoices are generated monthly in advance for the service of the displays.

Plant Servicing:
Fully trained staff members carry out regular plant servicing to ensure your displays remain in excellent condition all year round.  Plants are maintained every three weeks and any plants that fall below standard are replaced at no additional cost to you.  Periodic quality inspections are carried out as a normal part of our high standard of service to our valued customers.

Green Wall Servicing:
The client must arrange installation of The Living Picture or The Living Wall. Installation of plants into the cassettes and placing of cassettes into the item can be completed by Indoor Gardens. Further information is outlined with the section of the products with specifications.  Lighting is not installed by Indoor Gardens to suit the products and fitting of correct lighting specifications is to be arranged by the client. Indoor Gardens can advise lighting requirements.

Tambour Units:
These units are a space saving device where by plants are placed into the planter box on top of the cabinet. The plants are planted into individual 200/250 mm pots with self-watering systems. The top trays on the planter box have 3 x cutouts, which the plants fit straight into; Pebbles are then placed across the top to give it the finishing touch. The client purchases there own planter Boxes.

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