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Sub Irrigation

Office Plant Hire, Perth
Maintaining your indoor plants is easy with Indoor Gardens’ sub-irrigated indoor planters. At Indoor Gardens, all of our plants are installed using either Mona Sub-Irrigation or Lechuza Sub-Irrigation Technology.

What is a Sub-Irrigation System?
Sub-Irrigation Systems enable plants to be watered from underneath the roots via a refillable reservoir thus maintaining your indoor plant. Watering from the top of a plant causes water waste due to evaporation. It can also lead to over watering, which can cause plants to become unhealthy. Sub-Irrigation lets a plant take what it requires through the capillary action created when the wick in the middle of the sub-irrigation system is filled with peat and the root ball of the plant is placed 50-60mm from the top of the capillary cone.

The system works so well that plants only need servicing every 3-weeks. Sub-Irrigation also promotes longer plant life, dramatically reducing the number of plant replacements. Click on the following to find out more about our Sub-Irrigated indoor planters:

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