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Ceramalite Wedges

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The Ceramalite wedge design offers superior balance and lifts your foliage to new heights. This range is UV resistant planters offers you a chance to make this style pop. The strong design lies in the weight to height possibilities. The stable base utilises a compact footprint to support your choice of plant or foliage.

Cermalite planters dimension sizes:

K12 Wedge
L:43 x W:43 x H:57 cm- sub-irrigation available

K13 Wedge
L:43 x W:43 x H:75 cm- sub-irrigation available

K14 Wedge
L:43 x W:43 x H:90 cm- sub-irrigation available

K15 Wedge
L:48 x W:48 x H:100 cm- sub-irrigation available

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