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The Cones with their simplicity will fill any creative design areas. Whether using the colour or contrast the Cones will provide the perfect finish to any project around the office.

Dimension sizes & additional information:

Cone Small:
L:35 x W:35 x H:52 cm
Weight: 3kg
Grow Pot: 10"/25 cm
Water Res: 2L

Cone Medium & Mulch Rings Included:
L:46 x W:46 x H:72 cm
Weight: 5kg
Grow Pot: 13"/33 cm
Water Res: 4L

Cone Large:
L:53 x W:53 x H:90 cm
Weight: 6kg
Grow Pot: 16"/40 cm
Water Res: 6L

Available Sizes / Colours:

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