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Diva's are specifically used for large plantings. The Diva 1 and 2 have a large capacity so you can maintain mature plantings and ensure they have extended life. Many different options of colour choices is available to give any environment a vibrant look.

Dimension sizes & additional information:

Diva 1:
L:120 x W:120 x H:105 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Water Res: 50 L
Soil Capacity: 0.7m Square

Diva 2:
L:150 x W:150 x H:131 cm
Weight: 40kg
Water Res: 50L
Soil Capacity: 1.3m Square

Sub Irrigation:
Weight: 8kg
Water Res: 50L

Available Sizes / Colours:

  • Range of Colours

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