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The Cottage range of planters creates a decorative element to your patio area or space with versatility on size and colour. 

Available Sizes / Colours:

  • Cube Cottage 30
    L:30 x W:30 x H:56 cm - sub-irrigation available
  • Cube Cottage 40
    L:40 x W:40 x H:75 cm - sub-irrigation available
  • Cube Cottage 50
    L:50 x W:50 x H:54 cm - sub-irrigation available
  • Nido Cottage
    Ø 27 cm x H:23 cm - includes sub-irrigation
  • Balconera Cottage Trough
    L:80 x W:19 x H:19 cm - includes sub-irrigation
  • Trio Cottage Box
    L:129 x W:41 x H:44 cm - includes sub-irrigation

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