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Quadro planter is practical and stylish with its wide range of sizes and colours to suit your home or office.

Advantages of QUADRO Planters:

  • Patented interchangeable plant liner
  • Recessed liner handles match the planter's colour, making them not only useful but a compliment to the planter's overall desi


Available Sizes / Colours:

  • Quadro 21
    L:20 x W:20 x H:21 cm -sub-irrigation available
  • Quadro 35
    L:35 x W:35 x H:33 cm - sub-irrigation available
  • Quadro 43
    L:43 x W:43 x H:40 cm - sub-irrigation available
  • Quadro 50
    L:50 x W:50 x H:47 cm - sub-irrigation available

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