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The secret to a Zen like atmosphere is to combine both architecture and organic elements. The Pebble achieves this with its smooth rounded surface.

Break out areas will be enriched with the inclusion of the Pebble for a tranquil indoor garden.

Dimension sizes & additional information:

Pebble Mini:
L:18 x W:18 x H:9 cm
Weight: 0kg
Grow Pot: 2"/6cm
Water Res: 0.1L

Pebble Table:
L:38 x W:38 x H:19 cm
Weight: 1kg
Grow Pot: 6"/12.5 cm
Water Res: 1L

Pebble Small:
L:68 x W:68 x H:30 cm
Weight: 4kg
Grow Pot: 8"/20 cm
Water Res: 4L

Pebble Large:
L:90 x W:90 x H:39 cm
Weight: 7kg
Grow Pot: 10"/25 cm
Water Res: 15L

Available Sizes / Colours:

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