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I found Indoor Gardens on Google. The website and the reviews online were really good and that was why I got in contact with them. The inquiry was handled promptly and the install was done with great skills and good level of professionalism, with friendly staff that knew exactly what they were doing.

I'm very happy with the service that we’ve received and how quickly Indoor Gardens responded to the queries and problems.

We would rate our experience with Indoor Gardens 5 out of 5.


Karen Ridley , Battery Minerals Limited 27th July 2018.

We required plants for our office and was highly recommended to use Indoor Gardens as our indoor plant maintenance supplier. We were so impressed with the professionalism that we didn't need to look else where. 

The Indoor plants where installed with almost no disruption & the service technician is always bright & bubbly.

We would rate our experience with Indoor Gardens 5 out of 5. 

Rae O'Neill , Harcourts WA 15th September 2017.

We are current clients of Indoor Gardens & have been very happy with the continual high level of service that they provide to us. 

Indoor Gardens provides us with lovely plants and planters. 

We would rate the overall experience with Indoor Gardens 4 out of 5. 

Nichola Meehan , Henry Schein Halas 10th August 2017.

We found Indoor Gardens through Google and very pleased we had, the company offers a great service at reasonable prices.

Woud highly recommend and rate our experince 5 out of 5. 

Holly Fulker , Committee For Perth 9th August 2017.

We found the Indoor Gardens website excellent and easlily called through and spoke with a lovely person by the name of Irene. 

The staff have been very proffesional and helpfull, we woud highly recommend Indoor Gardens. 

We would rate our experince 4 out of 5. 

Jess, Headliners 9th August 2017.

I have used Indoor Gardens in a previous company. Our new office needed greenery that we didn’t have to maintain ourselves so that’s why I got in contact with them.

Our enquiry was dealt with great professionalism, and quickly. Everything was taken control by Indoor Gardens which meant we had less involvement to do anything ourselves.

We would rate our experience with Indoor Gardens 5 out of 5.

Sue, Saracen Gold Mines 7th July 2017.

We hear about Indoor Gardens through Google Search as we wanted some plants for our new office. We got in contact with Indoor Gardens were they handled our enquiry promptly and professionally. They quickly got a team member to come to our office and installed the plants within 1 week of us moving in.

We rate Indoor Garden 5 out of 5 for our overall experience.

Donna, QSRH 26th May 2017.

Our cleaning lady referred us to Indoor Gardens, the reason we got in contact with them was we as a company had very little time to look after our indoor plants. Indoor Garden provided a fair price and the service was very friendly and professional.

Our inquiry was dealt by Irene, she was prompt in coming out to us and she was very friendly. She is very knowledgeable and understood what we wanted and offered some ideas which suited our needs. The quote came with a price and pictures. I was able to discuss with the directors with enough information for them to make an informed decision.

We would definitely rate our experience and all the help and friendly advice that was given 5 out of 5.

Tracey Allmark, KHT Accounting & Wealth 9th May 2017.

We heard about Indoor Gardens from Google search, as we needed one of our offices to have plants installed. We received a quote that we were very happy with, so therefore decided to proceed with the booking. The information and service that was provided was great, and very accurate to what we needed.

We would rate Indoor Gardens 5 out 5 for everything they promised to deliver on, and met our company needs.

Monique, Cambridge Insurance Brokers 9th May 2017 .

We found Indoor Gardens on Google as we needed some plants in the office to help filter the air. We found that the prices quoted for the work was reasonable, and the team were helpful. We received a call within 24 hours to get a quote, and to see the plants and the pots that would be suited for our working environment.

Everything was explained in detail by the sales representative, and agreed to go ahead with the quote received. The company provides great service and takes great pride in the products they sell to customers.

Overall I would rate this company 5 out of 5 for ticking all our boxes for what we had needed. Great service & team to work with.

Holly Fulker, Committee for Perth, 13th March 2017.

We have been services by Indoor Gardens for several years now. We got in contact with them as we needed the PL insurance certification for our records.

We feel that Indoor Gardens have a great range of products, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and competitive pricing.

The PL certification was promptly sent to us, we like working with this company and give them an overall rating 5 out of 5. Keep doing what you're doing :)

Julie Jarvis , Reserve Bank of Australia, 6th February 2017.

We have used Indoor Gardens previously at our Dianella office, and now at the City office on St Georges Terrace. We got in contact with Indoor Gardens again as they are a great company to deal with that provides prompt service, reliable and friendly staff.

We like working with this company and give them an overall rating 5 out of 5. Keep up the great work, and Thank you.

Belinda Bosevski , Channel Nine Perth, 24th November 2016.

We found Indoor Gardens on Google search as we were looking to get new plants for our new premises. We were dealt with Peter from Indoor Gardens, and he was very quick at replying to our correspondences. Peter provided us options on what was right for our needs, and had no issues with delivering these plants to us.

We were so happy with the service that now we have scheduled payments for all our branches. The installers that came out were very professional and to date we have no issues with Indoor Gardens, and highly recommend them as a business for Plant hire.

Our overall experience we would rate Indoor Gardens 4 out of 5.

Sue-Ellen O'Connor, Bank of Qld Brisbane, 25th October 2016.

We heard about Indoor Gardens from CBRE and they highly recommended to get in contact with them. When I contacted Indoor Gardens, the team were extremely polite and professional. They were very quick to respond to all my queries with all emails correspondence was handled promptly and professionally.

The quote received was submitted with great details and answered all our questions. The plants were displayed well, took a few hours to set the planters boxes up in the premises. We are a new customer for Indoor Gardens, and so far we have not experienced any trouble. We have full confidence that the service we receive will only be better.

Our overall experience we would rate Indoor Gardens 4 out of 5.

Jacqueline Kinchella, CBRE (GCS) Pty. Ltd - Macquarie Bank - Perth, 25th October 2016.

Indoor Gardens are already a supplier for us so we got in contact with them to change our existing plant set up due to the office going into an open plan layout.

The representative I dealt with was very helpful and honoured our long customer history with a great offer. Time was taken for the representative to come out our office to provide the option for the best suited plants to have in the open plan area.

We have service representatives each month, the ladies come in to do their job discreetly. The staff are efficient and very friendly. In the past when we have had issues with particular plants, things get fixed in no time which is what we all wish for as a customer.

We are very happy with the service received and have nothing to fault. Please continue to providing this to all your customers.

Our overall experience we would rate Indoor Gardens 5 out of 5.

Henriette Peschke, McDonald's Australia Ltd - Perth Regional Office, 18th August 2016.

We heard about Indoor Gardens from IA Group they recommend that we should get in touch. We just moved into a new office and required new plants to be fitted out to the premises. Our queries had been answered well and received a quotation. The price breakdown we got was ok to understand and then our lovely plants hand been installed 3 days prior to the staff moving in.

We received good service and prompt response to our issues that had been raised. Indoor Garden provided good service and have friendly staff – Thank you!

Our overall experience with Indoor Gardens would be rated 4 out of 5.

Eric Pynaker, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Pty Ltd, 8th August 2016.

Indoor Gardens are an existing supplier when I joined Churchill. We have used them for some time as a business, and have been very happy with the prices and services. We needed some new plants in the office so decided to make an inquiry. The team were very attentive and helpful and responded to our needs and requests professionally.

We are very happy with the plants that we selected with the help of the professional staff at indoor Gardens. We barely even know when they are being watered and serviced each month as the service is very discreet.

Our overall experience with Indoor Gardens would be rated 5 out of 5.

Tanya Stonier, Churchill Consulting, 29th April 2016.

We first heard about Indoor Gardens through Word of Mouth as we were requiring plants for our office space. We have another firm that is currently using the service from Indoor Gardens and highly recommended the company.

Our experience was brilliant when we had been contacted by the representative. Indoor Gardens provided great service, and good knowledge about the plants that would suit our office. The quote provided was concise and descriptive which helped massively to make the final decision.

Our overall experience with Indoor Gardens would be rated 5 out of 5.

Helen Tasker, Tony Tilenni & Associates, 29th April 2016.

We found Indoor Gardens from Google as we had been looking for some office plants.  Our inquiry had been handled promptly and to a very professional standard.  With our inquiry we had a representative from Indoor Gardens contact us within 24 hours to understand what our business need was and provide us with a quote.

Our overall experience with Indoor Gardens would be rated 5 out of 5. 

Suzanne Brown, Rentwest, 30th March 2016.

Indoor Gardens has been a long term supplier for our company.  We are currently completing an office refurbishment, were we had returned our orginal plants and now sourcing new ones to fit the new office layout.  We have worked with Indoor Gardens for some time, and never had a problem with them.  The team always respond quick;y to our queries and the staff as very friendly and efficent with keeping the plants looking great.

Our overall experience with Indoor Gardens would be rated 5 out of 5. We as a business love your products and enjoy working with a great team of professionals and friendly staff that are always willing to help.

Vicki Campbell, FPA Australia, 14th October 2015.

We have used Indoor Gardens for our office plants over many years now. We had an office refurbishment and required more plants around the office.  We have had previous experience with Indoor Gardens, and have always been happy with the service, so happy to continue our service with them and continue to work together for our office plants.

All interaction we have had with Indoor Gardens from ordering the plants to the delivery of the plants and the on going maintenance has been professional and friendly.  Our overall experience with Indoor Gardens would be rated 5 out of 5. 

Rebecca Freckelton, Silver Chain Group, 14th October 2015.

I recently searched for Indoor Plants on Google and came across Indoor Gardens. We wanted to get some plants for the new office and was not sure what was available to us in Perth.  After speaking to the friendly staff we decided as a business to use indoor Gardens for the service due to having good design options and also competitive pricing on offer.

Our overall experience with Indoor Gardens would be rated 5 out of 5 for everything they deliver, serviced and knowledge they provided.

Sam from Insight, Insight Australia, 15th October 2015.

Indoor Gardens is currently providing a service to our business.  We got incontact with Indoor Gardens as we wanted to give our office some new plants and update what we currently have in the offices.  All our inquiries have been handled very prompt and professional by the team at Indoor Gardens.

The quote we recieved from Indoor Gardens was in full details on all items that were provided, making everything crystal clear to understand. The staff that came to install the plants were extremely friendly and did a very good job.

From our first inquiry to the installation of the news plants and pots the information and service provided was very professional. Our overall experience with Indoor Gardens would be rated 5 out of 5

Craig Henson, BP Australia, 19th October 2015.

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